HP Migration

HP has announced that it will no longer be support the HP3000 platform after 2008. Companies running on this platform must choose:

  • To retain the HP3000 environment and use third-party support for as long as it is offered
  • To purchase and implement a new suite of applications
  • To migrate the existing application to a new platform

Although each option has inherent risks, many firms are choosing to migrate their existing application to a new platform. Why? Their reasons include:

  • To protect the company's intellectual assets and leverage the existing investment in application logic
  • To minimize user retraining
  • Future scarcity of HP3000 parts, service, support and expertise
  • Connectivity difficulty as network technology and software evolve

Comp Three provides comprehensive solutions and services for migrating HP3000 TurboImage databases and applications to a variety of target platforms. We have extensive experience (20+ years) working with utilities and applications on the HP3000 platform and in the MPE operating system labs. We can analyze your current application and requirements, evaluate alternatives for the new system, provide a scope and timeline for your project, and manage and execute your migration.

We have migrated applications to Unix, Windows and SAP, using such technologies as ColdFusion, customized Windows client software, Unix shell scripts to replace JCL, and our TIPS tool to migrate to Oracle, Informix, and SQL Server databases. Our native SQL approach to database migration results in dramatic performance improvements, often making batch reporting functions unnecessary, and reducing the overall migration project timeline significantly.

Our extensive knowledge and years of experience in HP3000 application development can make your migration quick and successful. Please review the HP3000 Migration Case Study in which we completed a complete native-mode migration in three months.