HP SAP Integration


The Hewlett Packard Channel Logistics and Fulfillment organization (CLF) is responsible for configuration and distribution of all Hewlett Packard personal computer and printer products for North America. Due to continued business growth in this segment, as well as a desire to integrate a number of disparate systems, CLF began an initiative to migrate its order fulfillment systems to SAP. In conjunction with this initiative, CLF hired Comp Three to integrate the legacy shipping and warehousing systems with SAP.

CLF wanted to use SAP for order entry and processing phases of the order fulfillment cycle, but to continue using the legacy systems for shipping and warehouse management for some time. CLF established the following project criteria:

  • The shipping and inventory decrement functions were to be integrated with SAP using SAP's EDI facility
  • The legacy shipping system must continue to interface with existing legacy order fulfillment systems
  • The legacy shipping system must also interface with some shipping depots which used the Menlo Logistics system for carrier selection and routing
  • The interface must handle multiple shipping systems for multi-depot capability
  • We must detect duplicate shipments from SAP and reject the transaction
  • SAP order and delivery information must be printed on all the shipping documents
  • The shipping interface must handle expedite orders and shipment and order cancellation requests from SAP
  • The shipping interface must handle the translation of a configurable product into multiple SKUs which could be configured into the final product prior to shipping
  • As one phase of a very large SAP migration strategy, the project must adhere to a fixed timeline in order to satisfy future project dependencies.
  • In addition to the shipping interface, an additional interface was required in order to communicate the manufacturing part number for a specific ordered product configuration. This interface required a client-server interface from SAP to the legacy system.

The Vendor Selection Process

Hewlett Packard selected Comp Three for several key reasons. First, Comp Three has a successful track record of delivering key initiatives for HP on time and on budget. Second, Comp Three has the industry expertise and the systems expertise to ensure the project's success. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, HP counted on us to create an accurate data mapping between the SAP and legacy systems and to drill down on the meaning of the data SAP requires to initiate and complete a shipment transaction. Understanding the data underlying the systems and processes is the key to a successful integration project, and we were assigned the leadership role in this area.

Comp Three performed the following functions for this integration project:

  • Data mapping between legacy, SAP, and Menlo Logistics system, including resolution between team members for all data issues
  • Systems design, technical specifications
  • Systems development and unit testing
  • Acceptance test environment set-up and test execution assistance
  • Implementation planning and execution
  • Status communication and issue escalation

Technical Aspects

The integration was accomplished using the SAP 940 EDI transaction indicating order deliveries to be shipped. When received and successfully handled by the legacy shipping system, a 945i EDI intent-to-ship transaction was sent. After shipping, a 945c shipment transaction was sent. In order to fully integrate these systems, legacy server processes were developed to receive and send these transactions. In addition, data base tables to manage data queues and data tables were developed to stage the transactions and to cross-reference the data.

Project Results

We completed the SAP to legacy integration in the allotted five-month timeframe, from inception to implementation. The data mapping was accurate and complete, and no post-implementation surprises were discovered.

The users found the integration to be seamless, reliable, and complete and remarked that the SAP orders were flowing through the legacy shipping system more smoothly than some of the older legacy orders.

User Feedback

"…once again, you guys helped us to get this stuff over the goal line!"

Dorene Kawasaki
Manager, Hewlett Packard Personal Products Manufacturing and Distribution