Industry Expertise

Supply Chain

Comp Three's founders began their careers as planning, order fulfillment, manufacturing and distribution applications developers. During the past 20+ years, we've evolved with the industry to provide leading-edge supply chain solutions to our customers. We are experienced in all phases of supply chain processes from developing sell-through systems integrated with channel partners, to building and implementing an automated delivery quoting system. Some of our projects include

  • ATP: We developed an ATP (available to promise) quoting system which consolidated multiple warehouse inventory levels, purchasing schedules and lead times, production schedules, shipment times, and order priorities to produce real-time inventory reservations and delivery quotations for Hewlett Packard customers. This system synthesized all relevant planning, inventory, manufacturing, and logistics information with order fulfillment data and order requests.
  • Build to order: Comp Three was selected as the vendor to design, develop and implement Hewlett Packard's first true "build to order" factory environment. This project moved HP computer manufacturing from a "build to plan" environment, to one in which Comp Three's software produced the production and purchasing schedules. This system saved HP millions of dollars annually due to lowered inventory requirements for manufacturing components.
  • Configure to Order: We designed and built a fully automated "configure to order" application and integrated this function with SAP. This system allowed customized personal computer configurations to be ordered on-line, generating a unique SKU and BOM for the manufacturing process in real-time.

Comp Three has a thorough understanding of supply chain business processes and technologies built on a foundation 20+ years of experience in supply chain projects. If you have a supply chain issue to resolve, give us a call and we will analyze your situation with you and suggest a course of action.


Comp Three has provided processing, accounting and IT systems expertise to the aerospace and defense industries since 1998. Comp Three engineers developed a government billing and accounts receivable application used by a major defense contractor. This system conforms to FAR standards set forth by the federal government, collecting costs and invoicing in the specialized government billing areas of time and materials, progress payments, cost-based billing and shipment-based billing. Comp Three's specialized security and auditing tools have also helped our defense industry clients monitor and remediate Sarbanes-Oxley compliance issues.

Recently, Comp Three completed a project enabling the SAP R/3 system to perform FAR compliant costing, invoicing and auditing of contracts let by the U.S. Department of Defense . As a part of this overall implementation, Comp Three migrated the old legacy application and data to a ColdFusion Oracle environment, satisfying audit requirements while allowing the customer to eliminate the obsolete system and its associated support costs.

Government auditing, cost tracking and invoicing requirements are complex, specific and highly specialized, and can deter some companies from seeking government contracts. Comp Three's thorough understanding and experience in government and defense systems can help your company enter this profitable sector.

If you are a government contractor struggling with an old or partly manual system, we can help you automate your government supplier software.


The construction industry has specialized nomenclature and processes not generally incorporated in standard enterprise systems. Construction professionals have to handle numerous unique challenges including managing union contracts, job costing, changing job specifications and the arduous paperwork trail required by project managers and clients.

For many years, Comp Three has been the primary supplier of I.T. Services to Therma Corporation, the largest San Francisco Bay Area union contractor. To help manage Therma's myriad needs, Comp Three developed an enterprise job cost and accounting system which includes industry specific activities such as:

  • Labor and material tracking to the line-item level
  • Union and non-union payroll
  • Pre-lien documentation
  • Customer invoices formatted for T&M or NTE detailed billings or summarized contract billings
  • Timely job cost data, summarized, grouped by trade, or detail level
  • Over/under billing analysis
  • Job costs grouped at project-level
  • Vendor payment by job, invoice-date, schedule-date, due-date
  • Extensive collections documentation and write off tracking

Comp Three also developed True-Trac, a software package designed to electronically organize and store the massive paperwork trail characteristic of construction projects. This system was developed in collaboration with Scott Company, a large general contractor, and Therma Corporation. We designed the system to manage RFIs, submittals and responses, transmittals, job change orders and related pricing changes, purchase orders, heat and lot receipts and inspections through a central database.

Other network documents such as blueprints or product specifications may be linked as well. The tracking methodology we used conforms to the rigorous document tracking standards required by FDA validated jobs. Because we developed the system with distributed internet database capability, paperwork can be viewed on the job site and from the home office concurrently.

With over 20 years of construction industry experience, Comp Three can help with all your construction software needs.


Accounting and Financial Systems are the heart of any integrated enterprise system, and Comp Three has developed and supported all aspects of financial I.T. systems. We have expertise in cost accounting and job costing functions, accounts payable, billing and accounts receivable, general ledger, and human resources including both union and non-union payroll, benefits, and reporting.

Our accounting system expertise spans areas such as manufacturing and distribution, sales, construction, and defense and includes projects such as:

  • Manufacturing part and engineering change cost roll-up system
  • Union payroll, including fringe benefits, workers comp insurance, and union reporting
  • FAR-compliant government billing system for aerospace industry
  • Systems integration of MAS90 Sales system with corporate enterprise accounts receivable and general ledger

Comp Three – we make your financial systems work.