Product Data Management Warehouse (PDMW) creates an Oracle data warehouse instance of your Windchill PDM data. It allows you to easily create reports from your Windchill data, using your own skills and tools, and to integrate your Windchill data to your other ERP systems.

Key Features

  • Open Data Platform
  • Quickly creates Oracle data warehouse from your Windchill transactional data
  • Supports Full Loads, Delta Loads and Audits
  • Flattens and simplifies Windchill Data Structures
  • Super fast: Proven performance on installed 1B row Windchill system
  • Automatically detects, flattens and loads your company-specific Windchill attributes (IBAs) loading them to parent tables in the PDMW data warehouse (parts, docs, changes, etc)
  • Easy to use dashboard for monitoring and launching loads and audits
  • Supports multiple Windchill instances loaded to single pdmw data warehouse, for combined reporting
  • Data organization supports super-fast reporting (e.g., 4,000 row, 7 level bill of materials report in < 10 seconds)
  • Loads to downstream integrations can be hooked into PDMW UI dashboard
  • Allows you to quickly create Windchill-based reports using your OWN reporting tools, your OWN staff, and your OWN skillset. Sample queries provided to get you going quickly
  • Eliminates negative performance impact of real-time reporting from production Windchill systems
  • Reduces dependence on Windchill-trained technical specialists