About QMR

QMR provides standard and ad-hoc graphical and tabular reports on key metrics like defects, failures, yield, DPU, DPO; across common Visiprise Manufacturing (VM) database elements like site, work center, item, operation, defect type (NC code), etc.

Executing entirely from a browser, with no client footprint, QMR's navigational tools utilize the latest "rich internet application" features like tabs, drag-and-drops, etc. Its groundbreaking "cube to cube association" technology allows the basic VM reporting elements like site, item, operation, and even date/time, to be combined and filtered to produce reports on your reporting structures (whatever they may be), such as program, profit/cost centers, assembly structures, BOMs, etc.

If you have labored with internal reporting solutions, manual report creation from VM-supplied report data, or expensive third-part generic cube engines, you need to see what a VM-tailored, modern web application can do for your Manufacturing Results Reporting. Contact us for a demonstration of QMR.

Simple "Plug and Play" Integration

  • Plug and Play: Simply point QMR to your VM transactional database or your local VM data warehouse. Unlike generic cube-building products, QMR works “out of the box”.
  • Browser-based: Zero client footprint and no desktop software to install.

Custom reports for every level of your business

  • Multi-Level: QMR’s provides standard and custom reports for any level of your organization, from programs and divisions down to small work groups or individual products and operations.

Efficient and Flexible

  • Efficient: QMR is built specifically for Visiprise Manufacturing reporting, architected around Visiprise Manufacturing concepts and data. It simply outperforms more generic approaches, resulting in a fast, intuitive, and easy to use VM quality reporting.
  • Flexible: QMR’s n-level cube-to-cube associative tool allows for quick and easy build-out of basic VM reporting dimensions, to provide virtually any desired reporting hierarchy, such as programs, assembly structures, cost structures, product lines, factories, BOMs etc.
  • Hundreds of available VM fields, including VM custom table fields, can be included or exluded from QMR’s detailed drill-thru reports, according to user-specific preferences.
  • Links, links and more links: Drill down, drill across, pop-up pareto charts. QMR’s navigational features allow you to quickly pinpoint your quality trends and issues.
  • Metrics: DPO, DPU, FPO, FPU, DPMO, First Pass Yield, Effective Yield, Time Trend Analysis
  • Sorting, summing, grouping and pivoting of all metrics around most common Visiprise Manufacturing (VM) data dimensions, such as defect type, site, work center, operation, item, employee, etc.
  • Standard report suite.
  • Powerful ad-hoc reporting.
  • Top n defect paretos across any combination of reporting dimension, VM or user-supplied.
  • Super-user publication of custom reports to enterprise, groups, or sets of users.
  • Imports and exports to Excel for quick, easy population and modification of configuration tables.
  • Easy to read graphics, as well as detailed tabular data, appear on all reports.
  • All reports export to MS-Excel, including true Excel charts, not just .jpg graph images.
  • Allows for local business rules for data inclusion, specific metrics algorithms, load rules, etc.
  • Standard reports and saved ad-hoc reports execute with a single click.
  • Drill-thru reporting for detailed analysis.
  • Comp Three can efficiently and inexpensively customize QMR, if desired, to your company's specifications.