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Steven Flores

Steven Flores is a machine learning engineer and researcher at Comp Three Inc. He use deep learning and other cutting-edge methods in data modeling, computer vision, and NLP to find data-driven solutions that solve our clients’ most difficult business challenges. Having worked in a variety of fields, spanning from computer science and AI to physics and mathematics, Steven blends expertise from different domains to design novel and practical solutions and then deploys them at scale. He earned his Ph.D in applied math from the University of Michigan in 2012 and is published in top research journals. While at Comp Three, Steven has worked with customers in real-estate appraisal, web search, and NLP.

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License Plate Identification and Tracking

To view the full demo video, please click here. Object recognition, or the discovery and labeling of an object in an image by a computer, has gone from a difficult research problem to a technology in only five years.

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